Consign With Us

Thank you for Consigning with What Women Want!

While we want to help you receive a return on your investment, as well as help the economy;

Here are a few guidelines to make our partnership run smoothly.

1.    What Women Want will set prices based on a variety of factors including, condition, style, demand and retail cost.

2.   What Women Want offers consignors 40% of items sold.  Checks are available 30 days after item has sold.  Store Credit is also available.    

3.   WWW reserve the right to reduce the price of an item on consignment at our discretion.

4.    Items left after 60 days become the property of the store and are eligible for donation unless other arrangements are made in writing.  It will take 3 days to pull items and have ready for pick

    5. What Women Want is not responsible for damaged or stolen items.  It is consignor’s responsibility to be aware of logistics of consigning.

   6. Consignments must be brought in clean and pressed, without damage (including zippers and buttons), on hanger, free of any odors including smoke, moth balls or musk’s and perfumes.  Clothing found to be damaged will be donated without further notice.







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